I wish the Apple Watch didn’t exist

I know some of you will argue the iPad, and that’s a really close second for me. But it’s more of an escalation when it comes to ultra-personal computing, not a revelation. Same for the iPhone 4 or 4s. Others will argue Alexa or Tesla, but those are still limited and problematic in as many ways as they’re miraculous. Still others, maybe AirPods, but I think those really have their most important decade ahead of them.

The Apple Watch was not only born smack dab in the middle of this decade, but constantly iterated and improved over the last five years with better performance, connectivity, edge-to-edgier display, and now… an always-on display. All of which are important. But more importantly. Most importantly. It does something no other piece of personal computing technology has done before, specifically, purposefully — it saves lives… More here.

I am struggling to let the Apple Watch go. As you know I love traditional watches, but it actually worries me how useful Apple’s offering is.

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  1. Fortunately or unfortunately, good tech tends to make itself inseparable. Like the smartphone, wear a smartwatch for a while and you can’t go back.

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