I returned my AirPods pro after feeling dizzy too

I returned my AirPods pro after feeling dizzy too. First day of use was ok, then the second day it really started getting to me. I felt kind of motion sick, and my balance was a little off. Even with noise canceling off, I still felt a little pressure. Not sure if they still have just a bit of noise canceling enabled when off, or if it was my brain creating the feeling (of if the effects were residual from having the noise canceling off).

The transparency mode also made me feel weird. And it’s an interesting feature, but I found it too treble-y anyway.

I wanted to get used to them, but decided that even if I could adapt to the buds with the noise canceling feature off, it wouldn’t be worth the price tag. Went back to AirPods 2, and appreciate them more. Plus, they have a mild transparency mode turned on all the time. joelrendall

Interesting comment from Joel, this is the third contact that has been made to me regarding AirPods pro and dizziness.

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