Apple Is Designing for a Post-Facebook World

Take the new Notes. In iOS 13, you’ll still be able to make a standard Reminder or To-Do list. But since Notes knows your contacts, now you can mention people inside the app to tag them (it seems to work much like tagging on Facebook—but presumably, Notes will send an iMessage notification directly to the tagged friend). Tagging allows you to schedule a call for a meeting in a To-Do list. Then, iMessages will send the tagged attendees a reminder 10 minutes before that meeting. In this sense, iOS 13 isn’t organized by apps, it’s organized by your contacts. Your relationship, and plans with someone, are dictating how the OS responds and linking one app to another… More here.

Thanks to Kirk who says the following- I’m thinking about this in terms of the IDGuy video, complaining about watches bossing us around and making our schedules of human activity for us. I find that even more pointedly here – “A similar thing happens with updates to how iOS handles photos. For years, Apple has been able to spot the faces of friends and family in photos you took on the iPhone. But now, if you view a photo with friends inside, Apple will suggest you message it to those same friends. That’s because the OS is thinking in terms of relationships. It knows you very well want to share a photo with friends in it with those friends.”

I really find that kind of thinking intrusive… and I’m not a huge privacy guy. Like I could imagine a human assistant doing that kind of thing, but until we had some thing with a human-seeming touch, rather than just a neural net clever algorithm, it’s going to be “Guess-What-I-Mean”, pushy shit of a UI.

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