Time to say goodbye to Leonard

So, this is it. The final Leonard Cohen album has arrived and while this is a sad moment the album is a genuine surprise. It sits up there with his very best and it would appear that, like many other musicians who knew their time was coming, he pulled out all the stops for his finale.

The Guardian gave the album 5/5 which is unusual and stated the following-

As the pace slows to a transcendent crawl and backing vocals form a heavenly choir, The Hills mocks his ageing body (“The system is shot / I’m living on pills”) and the stunning The Goal finds him “almost alive” and “settling accounts of the soul”. The last poem he recorded, Listen to the Hummingbird, implores us to find beauty in God and butterflies: “Don’t listen to me.” And, finally, there is a vast, empty silence, and he is gone.

It does feel like the final goodbye to a many who meant so much to so many of us. So, thanks Leonard. Thanks so much.

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  1. Leonard definitely had something special.

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