L’Affaire Vaperware

This seems to be problematic for some readers to come to grips with — that I can accept a decision I disagree with. To me, it’s like watching an instant replay in baseball. The umpire calls the baserunner out. One replay camera angle makes the runner look safe; a different angle makes the runner look out. Neither angle is conclusive. Maybe I feel the angle that makes the runner look safe is more compelling. But the umps review the play and the call stands: out. I’m OK with that, because it was close. Usually, instant replays in baseball are conclusive. Usually, with App Store rejections and policy changes, the correct course of action for Apple is clear… More here.

This highlights the fine line companies like Apple have to tread when it comes to apps like this. The problem with vaping is currently inconclusive, but for sure vaping must be healthier than smoking??? And there are smoking related apps still available.

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