It simply has to be Grand Seiko

I don’t wear watches to impress others. Yes, everyone says that, but it is true and if anything I prefer for others to not know what I am wearing. A Rolex dos make you a target in certain situations and as such your enjoyment of the watch can be lessened. Above all other brands this is true and after selling my Tudor I have been pondering an Oyster Perpetual or maybe a Datejust. They say all roads lead to Rolex, but then I got to thinking about what I would actually be buying.

If I don’t care what others think, and you must remember that 99.9% of people could not tell what watch you are wearing unless you told them, why am I paying so much of the price for the name?

And you do pay for the name in watches much of the time, as you will be well aware of. With this in mind I looked more deeply at Grand Seiko and more specifically the SBGM221G. For £4,500 I would get GMT functionality, a date window and various other top of the range specs, but just look at it!

The dial, the finishing and the combination of colours suit so many decades and so many situations that I can think of few other watches that do this with such aplomb. For sheer quality I am wondering if Grand Seiko is way ahead in the sub £5,000 market? I think it is.

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