Facebook and Twitter spread Trump’s lies

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook says he’ll run political ads even if they are false. Jack Dorsey of Twitter says he’ll stop running political ads altogether.

Dorsey has the correct approach but the debate skirts the bigger question: Who is responsible for protecting democracy from big, dangerous lies?

Donald Trump lies like most people breathe. As he’s been cornered, his lies have grown more vicious and dangerous. He conjures up conspiracies, spews hate and says established facts are lies and lies are truths… More here.

I mention this because I have recently been presented with a huge number of recommended videos on YouTube that do not reflect my political views, they are almost always right-wing, anti-Brexit, conservative leaning etc. My understand was that the recommended videos were based on what I had watched previously and I find it curious that all of these have been appearing…

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  1. That’s really weird that you are receiving those. Maybe it’s Murray or the cat (I forget her name.)


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