Zodiac x Andy Mann Super Sea Wolf 68

The most interesting feature of the watch, without a doubt, is the dial. It’s a gradient dial, going from a pale blue at 12:00 to an inky black at 6:00. We’ve seen dials like this before, notably on the Rolex Deep Sea Sea-Dweller, but this one has a novel twist. While difficult to capture in still photographs, there’s a graining through the top half of the dial, creating a dramatic effect meant to mimic the way light appears to divers as they rise closer to the surface near the completion of a dive. These beams of sunshine, known as “God’s light” to divers, are something Mann knew he wanted to replicate on his version of the Sea Wolf, and serve as a sort of Easter egg that only divers will fully be able to appreciate. It’s also an interesting inverse to the aforementioned Rolex, as the gradient effect on that dial is meant to symbolize the descent to the ocean floor, here a similar treatment is used to call to mind a rising to the surface… More here.

Oh now that is very very nice!

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