Johnson’s Fake News Machine & The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

There’s been a lot of this sort of thing over the past two months. Dodgy stories and commentary linked to Downing Street or government sources started to appear in the press and media after Johnson installed his own media team, which was largely drawn from the Vote Leave campaign that won the 2016 Brexit referendum.

With the prime minister’s evident encouragement these Downing Street or government sources have been spreading lies, misrepresentations, smears and falsehoods around Fleet Street and across the major TV channels. Political editors lap it all up… More here.

Peter Oborne is a brilliant man and this article is shocking, but once you read it you realise how obvious this should have been to us all along.

Since time immemorial, a powerful dark force has hindered the growth of human welfare and happiness. It is more powerful than the Mafia or the military. It has global catastrophic effects and can be found anywhere from the world’s most powerful boardrooms to your local pub. This is the immensely powerful force of human stupidity… More here.

I shall be reading this one next.

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  1. Always remember that the AVERAGE IQ is 100.

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