Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

Today, Bezos controls nearly 40 percent of all e-commerce in the United States. More product searches are conducted on Amazon than on Google, which has allowed Bezos to build an advertising business as valuable as the entirety of IBM. One estimate has Amazon Web Services controlling almost half of the cloud-computing industry—institutions as varied as General Electric, Unilever, and even the CIA rely on its servers. Forty-two percent of paper book sales and a third of the market for streaming video are controlled by the company; Twitch, its video platform popular among gamers, attracts 15 million users a day. Add The Washington Post to this portfolio and Bezos is, at a minimum, a rival to the likes of Disney’s Bob Iger or the suits at AT&T, and arguably the most powerful man in American culture… More here.

Great article.

1 thought on “Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

  1. Amazon represents, to me, the contradictions inherent in capitalism. You’re supposed to be successful, but not too successful. You’re supposed to become bigger than your competitors, but not too much bigger. If you get big enough to use economies of scale, you’re targeted by anti-trust.

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