The BBC by subscription

The BBC could be made to scrap the TV licence and charge a Netflix-style fee, the culture secretary has suggested.

Nicky Morgan has opened the door to the BBC becoming a subscription service, saying she was “open-minded” about a change if it would raise enough revenue for the corporation… More here.

This sounds like a perfectly logical and sensible move. For many of us having to pay for a TV service seems archaic, but there is more to it than that. The BBC is supposed to be the bastion of truth yet it is constantly criticised for bias from all sides, and it is because of this that it deserves to at least be available to everyone.

If you are being criticised by the left ‘and’ the right you are probably doing something right.

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  1. Much as I love the BBC, its current grab for user data is very annoying, the BBC Sounds app is crap and the BBC News Alexa skill has been continually dumbed down. Check out the 1* reviews.

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