5G doesn’t really exist… yet

What a facile, bullshit article from Bloomberg. Where is the proof that the lack of 5G is “stinging” Apple in any way? By all reports, iPhone 11 sales are up over last year, not down. 5G is a niche technology this year, and the only phones that support it are niche phones. What Bloomberg doesn’t even mention is that Apple does not make niche phones. If they went the Samsung route they’d sell an “iPhone 11 Pro 5G” for $1,600 in addition to all the existing iPhone 11 models, just to check the “We sell a 5G phone” box… More here.

Agree with the Grubster on this one. He says ‘Apple doesn’t do that’ and the company has been proven right time and time again.

The Galaxy Fold is pretty awful, it really is. Most (all?) Android smartwatches are miles away from the Apple Watch in terms of sheer natural usability. The iPad is way better than the vast majority (all?) of Android tablets. And of course the iPhone, to some of us, is in a different league to Android phones in terms of its ability to just get you through the day, day after day after day.

When you look at early devices using any new technology they often need serious improvements quickly and while I understand that they are needed to push the industry forward, criticising Apple for not using 5G at a time when the battery downsides easily outweigh the benefits you will get from ‘sparse’ 5G coverage is simply ridiculous.

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  1. The other issue with 5G is that the higher frequency means it doesn’t penetrate buildings very well. I suspect we’ll see many more repeaters inside buildings.

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