Famous typefaces

We encounter Helvetica every day, even if we don’t realise it. This Swiss-made typeface has been prolific since its 1957 creation, becoming the written voice of reliable information and trustworthy directions.

Your passage through a network of hospital corridors is often guided by signs written in Helvetica. The same goes for airports. Helvetica spells out the name of the United States on the side of space shuttles and it was once used on the gov.uk website, providing official advice for any citizen who requested it… More here.

A short, but interesting article.

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  1. Interesting. I’ll bet most people don’t think twice about typefaces, or fonts. I wonder whether there’s some psychological meaning to the typefaces one uses. For example, I tend to like sans serif fonts, even though serif fonts are supposed to be easier to read. My go to font is Lucida Grande.

    When I finally started playing the RPG Balder’s Gate, only 20 years late, I noticed that much of the text in character and inventory screens was a sans serif that turned out to be Arial. That sort of cut into the immersion of a fantasy RPG so I changed it to Optima, which is sans serif but has some character.

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