What next for Apple News+?

Apple Launched Apple News+ during its March event, and to say that it has been underwhelming is beyond an understatement. Despite Apple’s promise of 100s of magazines for a low monthly price, rumors suggest that publishers aren’t happy and I’ve read reports that sign up growth has flatlined. I tried the service for a month, and I came away from it less than impressed. As Apple has continued to deploy its new services across 2019 (Apple Arcade and Apple TV+), I’ve been thinking a lot about News+, the path Apple should take going forward, and what impact it could make in journalism. What should Apple’s strategy be with Apple News+? More here.

It’s still not available in many countries, but I suspect that consumers would be more comfortable with a £4.99 per month charge rather than close to £10. The question of if people see the content as being more readily available for free on the internet is the big one, however, regardless of if the quality of content in magazines is better.

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  1. People in the UK (may also apply to other countries) should check what they can access from their local library. Mine allows free access to quite a large selection of magazines via the RBdigital app.

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