A Woman Found a Rare $250,000 Rolex Beneath the Cushions of Her Couch

As a watch collector, and the founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches, I often get inquiries from people stumbling upon timepieces that once belonged to a family member. A few months back, I received a call from a woman in Canada about a watch she wanted to sell. As she tells it, she was sitting on the couch one day when she dropped her phone. She stuck her hands in between the cushions to retrieve it, but instead of her phone, she pulled out a watch. Upon closer inspection, she saw that it was a Rolex. She turned to her 92-year-old father and asked him if it was his, to which he replied, “Of course that’s not mine. You know I can’t afford a Rolex.” But little did she and her father know that very few people actually could afford this particular watch. It turned out to be a vintage Rolex Daytona 6241 “Paul Newman.” More here.

How lucky is that?!?

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