It just works, and works and works

I bought my iMac in 2009 and used it heavily for all of my writing and many other things for 7 years. In all of that time it rarely put a foot wrong and I felt that it was well worth the £999 outlay at the time.

It then become my son’s as he needed a computer for his studies and he used it every night for almost three years. He has just left for University to study law and has taken my 2015 MacBook with him.

Today I powered up the trusty iMac for my 15 year old daughter and it is just as quick as it ever was, and is more than capable of doing what she needs it to. She is a keen writer and also likes messing around with photo editing plus a few other computer related tasks, and so the iMac will be used heavily by the third member of the family.

Seriously, what would have happened to a Windows PC if I bought one in 2009? How much would I have had to pay in yearly software updates? How many components would I have had to buy to keep it running at an acceptable pace and how much time would I have wasted dealing with potential security threats and reformatting etc?

This machine more than any other is why I use a Mac and my experience so far with my two MacBooks has been just the same. Love of hate Apple, you can’t deny that the hardware is the best out there in terms of longevity without the need to fiddle too much.

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  1. Maybe every Mac user should be forced to use a Windows PC for a week every year. Just to see how the other 95% live. I venture to say that we’d appreciate our Macs more even with the occasional glitch. We’ve been spoiled. I know that I complain about Apple every now and then, but there’s no way I’d go back to regularly using a Windows PC. Been there, done that, never again if I can help it.

    And yes, it does look very modern. From the front, it looks exactly like my 2014 Retina iMac and the current ones as well.

  2. I have had a similar experience with my 2008 iMac:

    Sadly, this iMac now just collects dust until I can find the time to install Linux on it, since Apple has decided a machine this old, which still runs well, is not allowed to receive the latest version (or even an older version with supported security updates) of Mac OS.

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