A little more about the iPhone 11 Pro

It’s a camera. It genuinely feels like a camera to me after a few days of use which is not something I have experienced before.

I have always felt that iPhone cameras, and Samsung phone cameras etc, don’t quite feel like products that can capture moments in the way that real cameras can, but for the first time this feels different.

Some examples-

This feels like a DSLR shot to me-

Taken in very low light, almost darkness (no flash)-

Portrait mode has improved a lot as well and feels much more consistent-

Also, the extra battery life appears to have taken the iPhone passed the sweet spot for me that means I am not close to needing to charge it during the day.

To be honest little else feels improved from the iPhone X, but the camera and battery alone would make it hard to go back.

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3 replies

  1. That’s what I’m hearing in all the reviews, and it sounds good to me. Looking forward to receiving mine.


  2. Now there’s a question. I’m not really into photography but I do like taking photos. I prefer smaller cameras. My current is a Panasonic Lumix ZS40. However, if I wanted to buy a new camera, and also decided it was time to upgrade my iPhone 6S with a XR or 11, the cost would probably be the same as an 11 Pro. Hmmm.

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