90% of the music I listen to was released in the past 2 years

I have been using Apple Music for some time now and, despite some initial reservations, it has reached the point where not using a streaming service feels alien to me.

Almost every song I listen to has been created in the past couple of years and at 49 years of age it would appear that I am not one of those people who feel that ‘all music today is crap!’. I discover new artists, tracks and albums every single day and it is a continual adventure which I am enjoying a lot.

Just maybe streaming is opening us up to more music and it is apparent that musical creativity and talent is just as strong today as it always was, especially in the UK.

It would appear that the UK bats well above its weight in the popular music world and for whatever reason we are better at it than any other geographical area in terms of volume / population, and of course sheer talent.

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  1. I agree that streaming is indispensable, but I’m not discovering new artists and tracks like you are. Occasionally I’ll use the radio to find new stuff, but it doesn’t always play new stuff depending on my originating song or artist. How are you using the service to discover new music? I also find that I have too many playlists to manage well, and the app always opens to the overview so I lose my place frequently and get frustrated. On top of that I find that I have to skip a lot to find what I deem are good tracks. Younger artists often don’t have much depth to their writing, so I tire of them quickly. Unlike you I don’t really pay attention to where the artist is from, so I won’t take the bait about UK artists having more talent. So my experience is not as good as yours.

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