iPhone Pros?

The report claims that the two Pro iPhones — which will reportedly replace the company’s existing iPhone XS and XS Max — will be announced next month alongside a third model that’s set to replace last year’s iPhone XR. A previous rumor suggests that Apple is planning a September 10th launch event for its latest phones. We’ve heard these rumors for months, but Bloomberg’s report also offers some new details about the so-called iPhone 11 (final naming is unknown). Apple is said to be planning a multi-angle Face ID sensor, allowing the feature to work when the iPhone 11 is flat on a table. The handset is also rumored to include some form of shatter-resistance technology that will help when the iPhone is dropped… More here.

Nothing dramatic here if the report is true, but I wonder if the prices will still jump up from last year?

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  1. I’d love to see Pencil support, but between the old Steve Jobs line about the sylus, the physical size of things, and the relative lack of rumors, I think it’s a pipedream

  2. I wonder if they’ll use the “Pro” name to subconsciously justify the high prices. And encourage people to “move up” to the Pro level.

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