Think again about size

I have always worn watches of 40mm or more and at times have gone much higher. I’m not sure why, but I am not a small person and so I presumed that this was the way to go.

I currently wear a Tudor Black Bay Heritage which is 41mm and rather thick, and it is this thickness that is causing problems for me. In many ways it is my perfect watch; time only, classic styling and pure symmetry throughout. However, it is top heavy and can at times look a little silly on my wrist, and my wrist is not small.

This caused me to pick up a couple of vintage watches which came in at 36mm and then a Seiko 5, also at 36mm, to see how they wore after a few days.

This shocked me because all of a sudden the watch I was wearing was not obvious at all, it did not move around on my wrist and most of the time I forgot it was even there. And perhaps the biggest surprise of all was that it did not look too small.

A very thin 36mm square dress watch from the 1970’s worked on my wrist and so did the Seiko 5 and a 1980’s Seiko plus a small Avia. They all worked well, and they actually felt better than my Black Bay.

So, don’t presume that you need to wear a big watch. You may be shocked to realise that what you once considered to be a ladies watch size will wear better than you ever believed possible.

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