Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo have just revealed a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch console called the Lite.

The new mini console will be released on 20 September later this year.

The guide price in the UK is £199 , so that’s nearly £80 cheaper than the standard Switch console… More here.

Decent price, few differences. This could do well.

Categories: Gaming, Tech News

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  1. Just like it was amazing when console games caught up with and then surpassed the arcade, blurring the line between handhelds and console games is impressive. (I know Switch is in the Nintendo “Lateral Thinking with Withered (“Weathered”) Technology ” camp, and not the powerhouse the PS4 or Xbox One is, but still…)

    I do wonder if it will mean less creative use of the controllers, though. Mario Odyssey was very weird with that – you didn’t NEED to use the controllers in any way but fixed position, but they made some special gestures that required the controllers to be held separately, like special bonus moves.

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