Bye bye to the best Mac ever

Apple cleaned up its MacBook lineup this week with updated hardware, better prices, and one casualty: the 12-inch MacBook. While the MacBook Air and entry-level MacBook Pro saw changes (and Mac storage prices dropped), Apple killed off its lightest notebook after four years and three generations.

The death of Apple’s coolest MacBook has sparked many hot takes, exposing just how hated the 12-inch notebook was by a group of customers who had plenty of other Mac options. Reactions have simultaneously revealed how beloved the 12-inch MacBook has been by real customers who no longer have a clear upgrade path… More here.

My 12″ MacBook (early 2015 model) has proved to be the best computer I have ever owned. The form is perfect for me and I have been using it solidly for 3 years with no issues at all. Even the keyboard has been reliable for me.

Sometimes a form factor can mask lesser performance to the point that simply being able to sit on the sofa and work makes the occasional slowness worthwhile. Such a shame that this form is going now…

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  1. Maybe its just me, but that means the smallest device is 13″, and so the 11 inch (which the form factor meant the macbook was close to) only exists with the ipad pro now. Better be some very good changes in tablet iOS coming soon…

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