When you run out of content…

What color Fitbit Versa Lite should you buy?

The band colors matter less because they can be swapped out for other bands. But the aluminum around the smartwatch face can’t be changed, so it’s something to consider carefully before purchase… More at iMore.

Really? iMore is a respected tech site and it’s actually quite impressive to be able to make an article out of this subject.

How to change a Garmin watch band

The QuickFit bands are ideal if you’re also wearing your expensive running watch as your go-to office timepiece. They come in metal, silicone, leather and titanium editions and are perfect if you want to glam-up you Garmin watch to wear in non-sweaty situations, but they are more expensive and aren’t compatible with all Garmin watches. Scroll down below to find out which bands your Garmin watch is compatible with and how to change them across… More at Wareable.

Not a great site at the best of times, but seriously?

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