iOS: what is essential and what is forgotten?

On a recent trip to Belgium my iPhone proved invaluable in so many ways. From keeping tickets stored digitally to getting around using the quite brilliant Google Maps to of course capturing photos of all of the memorable moments. It was with me all day every day and to cut a long story short it saved us a huge amount of time and left us to enjoy what really mattered.

As I considered this I realised that almost all of what I used I have been using for many years and this has not really changed-


Google Maps, Bear Notes, Camera, iPlanner, PocketMoney, Monzo, TomTom GO, Fitbit and so many other stock apps and third party offerings.


Animojis, Screen Time, AR, Apple Books, Siri.

So much of what Apple has introduced software-wise in the past few years has passed me by. Measure is a great example because it looked good at launch, but never gets any use at all and this trend seems to be continuing.

I won’t be moving from iOS any time soon, but it is amazing how many of the apps that Apple shows off in the keynotes get almost no use in my experience. Also, they often could be described as novelties and little else.

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  1. Apple Books is quite good, Similar to Kindle but there are often deals that Amazon don’t get, especially audio books.

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