Jaybird Tarah quick review: the best yet?

These were a real surprise. My kids bought me a pair for Fathers Day and I must admit to not expecting a great deal in this price bracket, but boy was I wrong.

All I can say is that they fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable and the connectivity with my iPhone X has been rock solid after a week of use. Pairing was simple and connecting and disconnecting is no more hassle than any other pair I have tried.

It is, however, the sound quality that has hit me the most. I have owned Beats X, AirPods, Jabras and a few others, but these knock them out of the park for sound. OK, they are marginally better than the Jabras, but they are much more practical. They are much better than the Beats X and way way better than the AirPods. This is of course subjective and everyone will have a different opinion, I realise that, but if you want noise isolation and a full rounded sound I suspect you will not be disappointed with these. The associated app is also excellent at allowing you to tweak the sound to your preference and you can even find your Jaybirds through the app if you lose them.

Battery life is the only downside and while 6 hours sounds OK, it really is, if you listen to music or podcasts for most of the day you will need to have the charger with you. And this charger is bespoke which means you have to carry it, and the cable on it is tiny so it isn’t the most practical I have seen.

Charging and battery aside these are the best I have used to date, even above much more expensive offerings, and I am now tempted by the Tarah Pros or X4s. Where will it end?

Oh, they are down to £59.99 on Amazon at the moment which is a brilliant price- have a search for your preferred colour.

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  1. Once my Jaybird X3s die I can see myself moving onto the Tarah Pros, I’ll happily pay a little extra just to get that incredible battery life but with the same solid sound performance.

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