What the f*ck is going on in the UK?

Take a look at those numbers above. Tory party members are so obsessed with getting Brexit that they don’t care about anything else, apart from their views of the Labour Party that don’t seem to have changed since the 1970’s.

They would prefer Scotland leave the UK than lose Brexit and the same goes for Northern Ireland. So, effectively they would be happy for England and Wales (which cannot economically support itself alone) to sit in a world that contains China and America. Just think about that for a second and consider how England and Wales could possibly compete.

They want Brexit above the Conservative party and would let the party be destroyed just to get it. OK, I have no problem with the Conservative party being destroyed, but it does highlight the tribal insanity that has taken over certain parts of our population. Presumably, they are preferring the Brexit Party at this moment in time as they offer nothing apart from pure Brexit. They don’t need to talk about the inconvenient truths that could otherwise be described as ‘reality’ and they can just sell a hard line to escaping the EU.

And here is the clincher. 61% of those surveyed would accept significant damage to the UK economy to get Brexit. What are they thinking? They would put the futures of their children, or in the case of most Conservative members- grandchildren, in a worse place just to get Brexit. They are mostly financially secure, they feel that Brexit cannot harm them and they are obsessed with somehow going back in time to when everything was great before we joined the European project. Lets ignore the three day working weeks, the poverty, the failing manufacturing industries and just remember that it was all great!

It’s selfish, it’s ignorant and it is gullible. They have been led to this place by the elite, by people who have a vested interest in Brexit and by those who want power at all costs, and as time passes they lap it up even more.

They want a no deal Brexit, even though there is no such thing. You have to do a deal of some kind with your biggest trading partner so why not do it before you leave to get a more favourable deal? Oh no, give us no deal because the elites told us that will be best. Gullible.

They want WTO rules. OK fair enough. I will now list the countries who trade solely under WTO rules-

  • Mauritania

It’s not quite a list is it and Mauritania’s GDP is counted in the $millions (low $millions), not $billions.

Also, being in the EU allows the UK to trade freely with 27 other countries. That will stop.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that we should reverse Brexit or that we should have a second referendum. Rory Stewart was right when he said that this would just enhance the BNP, Brexit Party and other groups who would simply be able to repeat the process of pushing us towards it all over again. He also correctly stated that if we carried on within the EU we would not be trusted long term. We are where we are and we do have to leave, but why on earth would you want to leave in the harshest possible way? Why would you be happy for the country to potentially be harmed over a point of principle.

And principle it is mixed with a whole heap of misguided British pride. We are not in a position to push anyone to our way of thinking and the growing feeling that we must not negotiate with the EU in any way is causing huge problems. The feeling that we do what we like because we are British is childish, negative and ultimately self-defeating.

There is one area, however, in which the Conservative members would give up Brexit (51% to 39%) and that is to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. Well, that is interesting because is shows that the old tribal allegiances are alive and kicking, but of course Jeremy Corbyn is a huge part of the problem for people like me.

His flip-flopping over Brexit has given the Conservatives a way to do what they want and he is not improving at all. The current government is so awful that any half decent opposition would be miles ahead in the poles, but he is a Brexiteer as well, more so than Theresa May and Boris Johnson, but he cannot admit this because the majority of his members are not. Corbyn, even outside of Brexit, is unelectable for many of us because he is the extreme other end to the extreme we currently have in government. The only way to counter the current incumbents is to challenge from the centre, but we seem to be going through a period where that feels alien to too many people.

The Tory leadership campaign this week led me to this article. Watching a candidate, Rory Stewart, who offered many truths and a practical way forward be discarded in deference to those who are pushing for Brexit at all costs to compete against the Brexit Party was saddening to witness. To think that one of them, Boris, will be our next Prime Minister when they have done nothing but put their own self-interest first is even more saddening. It’s so in the open, it’s so obvious and yet we seem resigned to letting it go forward until one day later this year we may look back and ask ‘what the f*ck did we do to ourselves?’

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