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  1. Maybe the shadow isn’t really a shadow but is painted on. Or maybe the whole thing is painted on.

    I would expect that with two lights there would be a double shadow, unless the light is so powerful as to wipe out the shadow.

    If you look at the positioning of the “shadow” versus the original versus the lights, it seems as if certain letters are affected only by certain lights. The C and the O get shadows from the left light whereas the two Es get shadows from the right light. I suppose it’s possible that the two Fs’ shadows, one from the right light and one from the left light, overlap perfectly but I still think there would be residual shadows.

  2. I think its double shadow. There’s light from the left and right. The left light projects the first F into the shown shadow, and the second F one onto the top of the first “E” (see how there is a darker “F” outline in the shadow of the first E). The right light is projecting the right F over the left F from the left light.
    The flaw/question in my thinking is where is the first F from the right light. I wonder if the right hand light is pitched just right so it doesnt hit it? If you look at the “glare” below the signs & shadows, you can see the right light glare is lower down than the left light glare which could support this different positioning of the lamps…

  3. Or maybe it actually says covfefe? 😀

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