So you missed out on the Q Timex reissue…

Don’t worry about it. In the case of a Timex it really does not matter too much. I had the Q Timex added to my bag online, twice, and took it out again. When I eventually decided to buy one for £159 it was already out of stock, and it still is a few days later.

There is one on eBay UK which is currently at £100 over retail and it still has two days to run. These things will sell for a decent profit if that is your thing, but if you simply want the watch because of what it is you will likely not need to wait long.

This is not a stainless steel Submariner or a GMT Master. It is a Timex. It is a relatively simple quartz watch and Timex is a huge company. It has no need to enhance the perception of the brand with scarcity because it doesn’t run in that part of the market. It will make more watches and we will be able to buy them for the retail price in the relatively near future.

Just sit back, check out the impending reviews of this watch and when its available make your purchase- don’t give your money to flippers like the guy on eBay. You will still enjoy what you have bought.

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