The ZRC Grands Fonds Vintage 1964 Spirit Bronze

Perhaps my favorite design decision made with the ZRC Grands Fonds Vintage 1964 Spirit Bronze watch was to fit the strap with a bronze buckle. Too often, bronze buckles are dropped in favor of steel alternatives due to the heavy oxidization one might expect a buckle to incur due to it being worn so close to the underside of the wrist. This total commitment to design congruity is appreciated. It would be very interesting to see if ZRC ever countenance the creation of a bronze bracelet in the same style as their version in stainless steel. The ZRC bracelets feature a special, expanding end-link that offers a creative solution to fitting the watch over a dive suit. It’s a huge part of the 1964’s character and would be super cool to see it in bronze… More here.

I shouldn’t like this at all, but I do. Almost every part goes against what a traditional vintage dive watch should be, but together it kind of works.

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