iN TECH® Bluetooth Earphones quick review

Really quick review. My Beats X broke (again!) and I wanted to go for a run that day. I had decided to run in silence, apart from the voices in my head, but needed to get petrol that morning and I happened upon some iN TECH® Bluetooth Earphones in my local petrol station.

Knowing they would be rubbish I asked how much they were and when the man said £14.99 I decided that they would be OK for a few runs until I finally decided on the next set for me. And anyway, my wife could use them on her runs if hers broke because the music she likes does not need good quality headphones anyway;) Bon Jovi sound pretty bad no matter what.

Anyway, I left them charging and once the little blue light appeared I paired them to my iPhone which happened with no hassle at all. I popped them in my ears, took them out again and installed the largest included buds, moulded the rather nice bendy plastic stalks around the back of my ears and pressed play.

F*ck! No word of a lie they sound better than my Beats X. They sound better than AirPods. The sound very good indeed and are close to the Jabras I tried recently. There is no sound leakage and there is decent noise cancellation and they stayed steady for the entire run. Even a call during the run was of decent quality for both parties which is not always the case with bluetooth headphones.

Battery life is not great at 2-3 hours, but the charging port is standard and there simply has to be a downside at under £15. Seriously, if you need a pair of cheap backup wireless headphones these could be the ones. Available here.

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  1. I also like that headphones like this use voice messages to tell you status, (power on, connected) vs the beats with their little musical jingles. But I do find the cheaper ones tend to have too short of a connecting wire (and with one central battery segment vs two balanced ones) and so aren’t as comfortable or secure when you just have them dangling around the neck…

  2. These headphones are a waste of the 18 pound I spent. There were a quick buy. As I had left my better ones indoors beforehand by mistake. So charged them to 100% and with in less then the 2/3 hours listening time listening to a Couple of boxing vids and a few 5 minute tunes was Recharging then after 45 minutes.
    But what do you expect for 18 pound. What I expect is your product does what in says on the package..

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