Your watch impresses literally no-one

Firstly, let’s not delude ourselves: your timepiece is going to impress more men than women. That’s a given. Unless, of course, it’s awful. If that’s the case, you’ll be slaying precisely no one — and also, how did you find your way to Time+Tide? However, there are a few ways you can maximise your chances of making an impression on the fairer sex with your choice of wristwear, at least a little… More here.

The article above is a bit silly if I am honest, but it does highlight the biggest myth about watches. Many people buy a watch because they believe it impresses others (the majority maybe?) and this applies to big and cheap sports watches as much as it does to Rolex and other luxury brands.

The problem is that 99.9% of people have no idea what watch you are wearing and 99% of those people really do not care. The vast majority do not know a tick from a sweep and even if they notice it, they will not know that one is quartz and that one is mechanical. There literally is no point in trying to impress people with a watch because all you will be doing is spending money, potentially a lot of it, for the wrong reasons and it will be wasted anyway.

Just buy a watch because you like it. That’s the only reason you need.

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