non G-Shocks are just so good

Mention watches and Casio in the same sentence and ‘G-Shock’ will be uttered. It appears that for most who enjoy watches the G-Shock is viewed as every watch Casio makes, but this is of course far from the case.

You can go out and buy a Casio watch, that kind of looks like a G-Shock, for £10 or just above and there is a huge range to choose from. The thing is that by and large the functions are the same as their more expensive siblings which means that even in the below £100 range you can choose to buy five watches for the price of a lower-end G-Shock and still always wear a decent capable timepiece at all time, one that will cope with most of what you can throw at it.

The AE-2100W-4AVEF (pictured) is a good example and is currently on offer for less than £20. For that you get 200m water resistance, a backlight, date, day, alarm, stopwatch, world time and a countdown timer. Oh, and a very long battery life per change, a smart orange resin case and strap, and that classic G-Shock(ish) look.

This watch adds a bit of colour to your look and has a cool appeal that many much more expensive watches cannot come close to. Add to this the myriad other models at similar price points and you can literally go for any look you want for very little expense.

I wrote the other day that Seiko was the best value at under £500, but take that below £50 and Casio really is king.

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