Rolex – I think I get it now

I have long been of the view that Rolex watches are just a little too traditional for me and maybe a little too obvious a purchase. Many of those who I know with Rolexes have bought them because they were the watch to get when they reached a certain level of financial security or because they wanted people to know they owned a Rolex. Yes, this is a perception, but I believe it to be a true one apart from those I know who genuinely love them for what they are and for the quality inherent within them.

Today I got the chance to try on a white dial Rolex Explorer II and something happened. I am not quite sure what it was, but I felt something that I had not experienced before, even with Tudors I have owned.

Maybe it is the subconscious knowledge that it is a Rolex, maybe it is the familiarity of the design or just maybe it is something physical that is derived from the emotions the design is supposed to tweak. I don’t know what it was, but feel free to enlighten me because I just gained a new appreciation for Rolex and I don’t quite know why.

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