Boxes and bits

If there is one thing that annoys me about watches, sometimes, it is the extras that some brands throw in for no good reason. I see it all the time from lesser brands who are trying to make the actual watch seem more than it is and if I am honest it just puts me off.

Even Oris have done it with a huge box on the ProDiver which is simply not necessary. Citizen have done it recently with one of their dive models and the above from Victorinox is an example of lots of ‘stuff’ around the watch just to make it somehow appear more appealing and as if you are getting more for your money.

Just remember that no matter what extras come with your new timepiece it is the watch that will be the only thing that remains, everything else just sits on the shelf taking up space. And please do not be swayed by the bits because they are of little to no value- focus on the watch!

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