The Root Beer GMT Master

My son showed me the above video which is new today from Watchfinder and I was stunned. For whatever reason the root beer GMT Master has passed me by and I could not take my eyes off it. This is (probably) the sweetest watch I have ever laid my eyes on and the quality of the production in the video is remarkably good. Take a look and see what you think.

The only caveat I have is that watches like this one, that look so beautiful on video, can tend to look a bit blingy on the wrist.

The decade of 1950 was a huge turning point in the economy of the developed world. With the austerity of war falling behind and a bright new future shining ahead, it was an unprecedented period of growth in jobs, technology and living standards that gave people more time and money for the finer things in life than ever before. This is the story of the GMT-Master Root Beer, and how it changed Rolex forever.

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