Modello Uno ref. U1-MY

Modello Uno ref. U1-MY is a collaboration watch made together with Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro. It is a made in Italy professional diving watch. Features a high readability navy blue matte dial with markers in cream old radium tint Super-LumiNova® lume matching the pearl on the diving aluminium bezel insert, dark navy open second rail and graphic trims. The case features a stonewashed treatment on a navy blue Cerakote™ coat which gives it a distinctive triple blue colourway… More here.

This is a very difficult watch to buy (sold exclusively in Mihara Yasuhiro’s stores in Tokyo and Osaka) and the specs are nothing to write home about (Seiko NH35A movement for example), but there is something about the dial and the hands that drags me in and then spits me back out again in an instant.

An example of an alluring form that somehow manages to be special in a way that is close to impossible to put words around.

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