Archer Silicone Quick Release Soft Rubber Band review

I am a sucker for watch straps, bracelets, natos etc and have spent much time changing the straps on my watches just to step up the look for the day ahead. At times I will spend 10 minutes changing the strap on my Black Bay Red three or four times and end up putting the stock metal bracelet back on it, go figure.

So, I thought I would try going red to match the bezel on my Black Bay and one of the options was an Archer Silicone Quick Release Soft Rubber 22mm band for £13.99 from Amazon. It has quick release pins, which I am not normally a fan of, and a buckle that is not overly large which is always an advantage in my eyes.

Finding a strap that works with a watch like the Black Bay Heritage is not easy because it is extremely easy to cheapen the look by accident and I have seen this happen with striped natos that I thought would work, but they sadly did not. Adding colour in particular can cause the cheapening effect and so I spent some time closely looking at the colour of this offering, listed as Venetian Red, and I could always return if needed because Amazon is good at that kind of thing.

Anyway, I obviously do not have too much to say about a rubber watch band, but I can say that it suits the Black Bay particularly well. The colour is different to the deep red on the bezel, but not markedly which creates a consistent form that does look identical from a distance. The Venetian Red is deep enough to not look too cheap and I like the thickness of the band which works perfectly, and proportionally, with the extra depth of the Black Bay itself.

The quick release pins are actually well made, which is unusual for this type of setup, and I am not too concerned about them falling out any time soon. Finally, it feels exceptionally comfortable and for my wrists at least I was able to find the right hole for my wrist which has led to a feeling of ‘where is my watch’ at times which can only be a good thing.

Overall, I am much more impressed than I expected to be.

Available here.

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