The Corgeut Black Bay

A friend of mine bought a Corgeut Black Bay homage watch for £80 and initially I was quite impressed with what I saw. He gave it to me to play with for a couple of days and my thoughts quickly changed, but not for any practical or technical reason.

It certainly looks like a Black Bay, from even close distances, and the sapphire crystal does appear to be genuine.

The finishing is not too bad and the markers and hands appear to be well done, albeit the hands are not the right colour at all and thus we end up with a somewhat lacklustre appearance.

The Miyota 8215 movement surprised me at keeping within 2 seconds per day, but that’s where the positives end. The rotor is incredibly noisy, to the point that it could wake you up at night if close to your ear. Also, and even worse, it stutters badly in two parts of the twelve hour rotation, to the point that you wonder how it can possibly keep time. This is not a refined movement in any way, but in this particular watch it remains surprisingly accurate.

The 90 click bezel is a bizarre choice which I cannot understand in terms of keeping the production costs down. It does, however, look pretty good and feels better than expected when turned.

The lume is not like a Seiko or Citizen, or a Tudor of course, but it is pretty good and lasts through the night.

I found the bracelet to be quite uncomfortable and although it looks almost identical to the Tudor offering there is a world of difference between the two in terms of pure quality and wearability.

Also, and perhaps the most surprising aspect, is that it actually is waterproof and has survived swimming for extended periods.

So, that’s the practical aspects of this watch, but I could not wear it for the following reasons-

A homage? Really?

It’s a subject that divides opinion, but this one has so many aspects that are like the Black Bay that I would call it a fake. The snowflake hands, dial, markers, case etc etc. It may have the word ‘Corgeut’ on the dial, but everything else is Tudor Black Bay by design and the makers know it.

Sapphire glass, an automatic movement of variable quality, decent lume and a case and bracelet that do look good make this a bargain for the price. It’s just a shame that it rips off Tudor so closely because it ruins the whole thing.

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