Spot the difference

A colleague at work bought a new watch for £13. It is the one on the left in the above photo.

The one on the right costs £2,780 and to anyone who does not like watches a purchase of the more expensive one must seem crazy.

It is at times like this when I do wonder about the folly of making such a purchase because in many regards they are the same.

I don’t wear a watch to impress others, but the fact is that 99% of people would not be able to tell the difference when they see either on someone’s wrist.

The finishing on the Tudor will be much finer, but how many people can actually see that without a magnifier of some kind?

The movements inside are night and day, and of course the Tudor one will last for many years with an occasional service whereas the other one may last for two years at most. Even if that were the case, however, you could buy 214 of the cheaper watch and get 428 years of time telling for the same money, and that’s without the need to pay for expensive servicing.

So, as I said it is at moments like this that I question the sanity of buying such an expensive watch and if the feeling it gives me is really worth the financial cost.

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