Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear True Wireless Headphones review

AirPods AirPods AirPods!

Sometimes it feels as though there are AirPods and a tiny selection of competitors that make up a slither of the market. When I go to the gym I see AirPods, on the train there are AirPods and seemingly everywhere else. Those little dangly white things hanging out of people’s ears like a statement, one which is growing all of the time.

AirPods 2 will soon arrive and are basically the same with a few bits tucked inside to keep the momentum going, but is there another choice? Maybe.

The Jabra Elite 65t has had some good press of late, but also appear to be a little strange looking in the marketing shots. They look big on paper and almost feel like a previous generation of design when compared to Apple’s offering.

See how happy they make me…

When I first opened up the box, however, I was surprised at how small they are, and even more surprised at how small they look when in my ears. They are noticeable, of that there is no doubt, but they look much more subtle than the dangly white things.

Sound quality

So, I went through the very short pairing process and they were immediately connected. I put them in my ears and played some bass-heavy music, and I was impressed. Not impressed on a technical level because a nerdy audiophile would no doubt tell you that the sound reproduction is not great, but neither is the sound from AirPods or most other wireless EarPods. The fact is that of all the wireless buds I have tried these sound the best to me.

There is an associated app that lets you equalise the music, but in reality you will likely end up using the default setting or perhaps the ‘Energize’ mode. The rest sound a little forced to me and unnatural. You can also enable a feature called ‘HearThrough’ which is supposed to help you hear outside sounds. Truth be told I could not tell the difference, but maybe I need to be in louder places to experience the true effect. Finally, volume will be more than loud enough for those of you who like to crank your music right up.


The controls are a bit fiddly because of the way the buds fit in your ears. I found myself having to push a little too hard which would distort the sound, and strangely the sound could be affected when eating or drinking due to the movement in my jaw. There are a few controls to learn which are not so intuitive, but like anything you will soon get used to those.


They are comfortable after sitting in your ears for some time, but you need to make sure that you select the right inserts. I was surprised that the small ones fitted my ears just right and that the entire bud sat snug and at no point came close to falling out. Even better, you will forget they are in which is not always the case with much of the competition.

Battery life

Brilliant. Five hours of music plus another ten hours through the case, and it is true as well. That is superb.

Build quality

They feel fairly sturdy and I suspect they could easily survive a drop or two. The only concern I had was with the charging case which feels quite cheap and with an opening mechanism that never feels tight.

What’s worse than AirPods?

Well, the charging case, as I said, is a bit flimsy. Annoyingly when you want to only use one bud you have to use the right one. I always prefer the left one, but the main controls are on the right bud so there is no choice here. Connectivity is very good and the best I have seen outside of the AirPods for my iPhone X, but on a couple of occasions the left bud would not make any sound until I took them both out and started again. Audio on videos can lose sync quite easily so I would suggest that if you watch a lot of YouTube on your phone with headphones these may be worth avoiding on that basis alone. Strangely, I suffered no lag in Netflix or Prime, but there is a technical reason for the loss of sync and it is something to do with not supporting a new standard, one that I cannot remember at this time. Sorry.

What’s better than AirPods?

The sound quality is better in my opinion, but this is very much a personal take and one which every person will have a slightly different view on. They look better when worn and, for me, they are much more secure in the ears when running or exercising. I can use Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant through them and it works well. It works well because I obviously don’t use Siri. They are cheaper if you shop around, down to as low as £129 in the UK.


Are the Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear True Wireless Headphones better than AirPods?


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  1. I got a set of QCY QC1s from aliexpress based on the recommendations from another website. For a very budget priced wireless headset it’s hard to knock them. I’d recommend them for people dipping their toes in the wireless headphone market without spending over £100. They lack apps to tweak the sound or the control of the Samsung ones but they work reliably and are comfortable. Airpods would never fit comportably in my ears.

  2. I’ve been eyeing these ones. JimsReviewRoom and Flossy Carter do some great headphone reviews on their YouTube channels. But really, I have no real reason to replace my Jaybird X3’s just yet. Great sound, fit and I have no sync issues with YouTube, Netflix or downloaded videos and I can have 2 devices connected at once (good for when you’re watching something on your tablet, but you don’t want to miss any messages or calls from your phone for example!) I can have them plugged in and charging while I’m using them which comes in handy at times. I use Complyfoam buds for comfort and to get a better fit and isolation. I have my eye on the Jaybird Tarah Pros because you get a whopping 14 hour battery life, magnetic buds, and I like the cable. But while my X3’s work, I can’t justify any upgrade, not even Galaxy Buds for sleeping with!

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