The Apple TV 4K is bad, really bad

I purchased an Apple TV 4K last week as I needed one for a freelance article and was expecting an experience that was better than the previous Apple TV or my smart TV, because after all I spent £179 on it.

The design is nice and of course so is the unboxing experience, but there are some problems-

Apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime take a LONG time to start streaming any film or TV episode, and the apps themselves take a long time to start up.

Siri through the remote is poor and rather inaccurate, just like it is on the iPhone or anywhere else.

The remote is fiddly to use and not friendly in the hand in any way.

My Samsung smart TV does everything much, much quicker and remarkably has a more natural interface.

Overall performance of the Apple TV is slow and it all feels dated in almost every area.

For £179 it is poor value indeed and most definitely not recommended. One day Apple will get the TV stuff right, one day…

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  1. I have the previous generation, mainly to stream stuff from my desktop computer via iTunes. I agree with you on the remote. Not a great user experience. There are some things I want buttons for and not a touch screen.

    When you say a long time to bring up Netflix, how long are you talking about. I have cable and I get to Netflix through that. Once I select Netflix, it can take up to about 5 seconds to get to the user selection screen, although sometimes it’s almost immediate. Depends what was being used last. As for starting a show, it takes up to another 5 seconds to start.

    Apple wouldn’t throttle other services would they?

  2. I got a Samsung NU8000 (65″) and I have to say its interface is truly very good.
    (which was a relief – my mom’s 2013 Samsung’s interface was total crap.But it’s much more about the UX and design than the tech, I think.)

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