iPhone crushes Androids on resale value

Consider two signature phones from last year. The iPhone X debuted costing $999, but was still worth $690 nine months later, according to device reseller BankMyCell. That’s a drop of just 30.93 percent.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 cost $720 but was worth just $290 nine months later. That’s a steep drop of 59.72 percent.

Even worse, BankMyCell says the S9 lost 41.66 percent of its value in the first month, which is 10.73 percent more than the iPhone X did in nine months… More here.

This doesn’t surprise me at all and if you are ever undecided on which to buy, please consider resale as part of your decision making.

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  1. I tell me readers the same thing. Assuming there are no trade-in options, figure out the actual cost of a phone by subtracting the likely resale price after, say, two years from the buy price. In almost every case Apple iPhones will work out cheaper. The entry price may be higher, but if you can wear that, you’ll be better off in the long run.

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