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He explained: “After an interaction had concluded, I would frequently check in with the Specialist and ask them, ‘What 3 things have you learned about your customer today?’. The Specialists who learned and remembered their customers’ names, and knew what they did for work, did very well. Apple began really pushing their in-store business services around 2014-15. This could lead to 5- or even 6- figure sales if you are able to close a local small or medium-sized business. Even better, if you knew the customers’ hobbies, you were likely to be by far the more successful salesperson.” More here.

I’m not defending Apple in any way and I hate it when anyone tries to sell me anything, but it’s as though when Apple does it the view is more negative than when another company does it. Apple is held to a higher standard which I guess could be seen as a positive thing.

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  1. My opinion, and I only have my observations and reading to back that up, is that Apple is held to a higher standard for two reasons. First, they made a big thing about being different. I remember Steve Jobs saying that they built products that they would want to use. I read Guy Kawasaki’s book The Macintosh Way which also had the higher standard. The second reason is that, to a large enough extent that people noticed, they were able to actually be different. Lots of companies say they’re different, but their actions and public persona is not. Apple said they were different and was different. Certainly other companies did both, but they were few and far between. Still are. Apple is held to a higher standard because they put themselves there through thoughts and actions. They set high expectations. It makes it all the more noticeable when it fails to meet those expectations.


  1. They made a big thing about being different – Lost In Mobile

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