New cups from Starbucks, same coffee…

So, back in September, Starbucks launched the NextGen Cup Challenge, which encouraged businesses of any scale to contribute eco-friendly cup ideas—and 12 finalists have been chosen! The entries aimed to “push the boundaries of sustainable design and find innovative cup solutions,” according to a Starbucks press release, and each offers one of three solutions: one group created innovative cup liners (the polyethylene plastic liners in most to-go coffee cups make them difficult to recycle); a second camp focused on new materials (particularly plant-based substances that are fully compostable); and a third aimed to reinvent reusable cups… More here.

Good to see something being done about this growing problem. All we need now is for Starbucks to do something about the coffee it sells; needlessly calorific, overly strong in the wrong places and just generally poor.

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