Apple ruined A-Punk by Vampire Weekend for me

In fact, it’s such a common nuisance that a song made up of 10 minutes of silence with a name that begins “A A A A A” — so that it becomes the first song in your library — topped the the iTunes charts back in 2017.

It apparently has been driving iPhone users crazy since iOS 3, based on discussions in Apple’s support forum. I found one thread dating back to 2011 that still had complaints added to it late last year.

And the issue is not just with cars. Some complain about the problem when connecting to Bluetooth headphones, as well… More here.

I have listened to the first few seconds of A-Punk hundreds of time and now I hate it! My whole family hates it. Get in the car, plug in the iPhone via USB and it starts to play, every single time! Would it kill Apple to add a random play feature at some point? First world problems…

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  1. Is this a feature of Apple Music? If you didn’t have A-Punk, would the next song always play when you started it up? Wouldn’t the same song playing every time one got into their car be very annoying, unless it was Queen (just for Shaun)?

    • It’s a feature of iOS, happened before Apple Music as well. Think it takes the first alphabetical song from your library. Any song played hundreds of times gets annoying, even Queen:)

  2. Mine was “A B C” by Jackson 5. Now it’s a custom track where the guy from Aliens says “Game Over, Man, Game Over!” and THEN silence (so I am warned that the silence is playing and regular programming will resume after a bit if I don’t take action)

    But what a stupid, stupid thing, right? I hate bugs that feel like a mishmash of programmer arrogance and carelessness — “oh, they MUST want us to play SOMETHING… guess we’ll just alphabetically start plowing through this list”

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