Pac-Man: The Untold Story

Now, if anyone thinks for even a second that worn-through Roman stairs, 100-year old children’s trails and worn frets on a guitar have nothing to do with the worn sides of Pac-Man arcade cabs, I must correct you. Aesthetically, they do. The wear on objects or places records patterns of movement. I must also remind you that not everything “notable” in classic gaming has been discovered yet. Researchers and historians who think so sadly leave an entire area of subject matter undiscovered when they choose to continue to stop looking back over the past. By consistently quoting what has already been written and looking no further a lot has been missed. The history of classic arcades, the video craze and the affects it had on a generation have barely been examined as far as I’m concerned. The fact that all vintage Pac-Man’s bear this marking from human hands yet has never been mentioned in print is proof of that. Especially since you can’t play Pac-Man, or even Ms. Pac-Man, effectively without doing what has caused that wear pattern on the game… More here.

Thanks to Kirk for the above. Good article.

Categories: Gaming

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