The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America

The video depicts a man being murdered. Someone is stabbing him, dozens of times, while he screams and begs for his life. Chloe’s job is to tell the room whether this post should be removed. She knows that section 13 of the Facebook community standards prohibits videos that depict the murder of one or more people. When Chloe explains this to the class, she hears her voice shaking… More here.

Two bits of advice- read the article, don’t use Facebook.

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  1. Read this yesterday. Sounds like what we in the west accuse Asian companies of doing. How about applying the same human rights oversight here as there. I’m sure that it’s not just Facebook, but maybe a major tech company like Facebook being exposed will help overall.

  2. So, I’ll continue to Facebook. It seems like facebook has two faces; one is “keeping up a connection w/ folks you know in real life” and the other is a more general media platform. There’s some overlap, like when folks you know repost memes, but in general– I dunno, it;s like they are trying to police 4chan-level depravity.

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