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Samsung introduced its first smartphone with a flexible display on Wednesday and seemed to pitch itself years ahead of its archrival Apple. Many industry observers noted that the foldable phone represents a challenge for Apple in the premium smartphone market. What will Cupertino’s reaction be, will they follow suit? And what would a foldable iPhone look like? More here.

The key will be how thin they can make these foldable devices without compromising too much on battery life. The concept above turning real would suit many.

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  1. Apple should NOT make a foldable phone. They will not become a sustainable product and the cost is outrageous. Stick with what you do. Make it last longer, make it lighter. Lower the price. I’m sure we will see that in the next iteration of iphones. Samsung just made a 2K doorstop,

  2. I’m not so sure Clark. What if the technology improves quickly, which is likely, and each side can get down to 3-4mm thick with decent battery life? What if they can fold in 4 and not just 2? There is potential here beyond what we can see now for this to go in all sorts of ways.

  3. Shaun, I see your point. But battery growth has been comparably slow. We still devices that will last at least a day and do all the things we are asking them to do. Plus I see wearables (watch, earpieces and or glasses) with better AI and assistants to be the way to go. Or better yet, going back to pen and paper 🙂

    • I did wonder about wearables stealing the show, but arguably that progress could be even slower than battery power. Surely at some point a battery breakthrough will come which could change everything, for phones and wearables as well.

  4. I see all the examples etc, seem to have the big folding screen and a second screen on the front for when it’s closed. Surprised they don’t just fold outwards and then one part of the screen only is used.

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