Apple’s strange guarantee for Steve’s replacement devices

A friend at work, Steve, is now on his third pair of Beats X headphones because the previous two started to lose audio quality. He called Apple support and was asked to take them to his nearest Apple store where they had to be inspected. He then had to return a few days later to pick up a replacement pair once they had been delivered to the store. This happened on both occasions.

Now, this is not the best experience for anyone because if he had bought his Beats X from PC World (terrible company?) they would have replaced them there and then, but it seems as though Apple does not keep replacement stocks of the Beats which is in contrast to if a much bigger item broke such as an iPhone or an iPad, or even a Mac.

Anyway, he got his replacements, but there is another part to this that perplexes me. On both occasions he was told that the guarantee on the replacement devices only runs until the end of the original 12 month period. So, if his Beats X break after 6 months he only get another 6 months guarantee and in the latest instance only another 3 months.

I don’t get this.

If Apple is replacing a product surely it is of a standard where 12 months should be applicable. I realise that this could potentially go on forever if the products keep breaking, but I would argue that they should not break so often (I am also on my third pair of Beats X) and it would be a nice gesture to offer the full 12 months if the customer has to make repeat visits to get them replaced.

What do you think?

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  1. While I agree that each individual item should have its full warranty period, this is not uncommon practice. Basically they’re saying that the product you originally purchased had a 12 month, or whatever, warranty, so that’s what you paid for. The use of the product, trouble free, for at least 12 months. So if you need a replacement, you still have the original 12 months.

    That’s the rationale. However, I would consider it good customer support and service, as well as confidence in the product, if a company honoured the warranty on each individual item, if only to make up for customer inconvenience.

    I don’t know if Apple ever did that before, but if they did, sadly this is the new Apple.

  2. And never forget that under EU law you have isn’t it 5 years if the issue can be proven to be “inherent at time of manufacture” (sorry I dont know the exact legal). It’s 6 years in the UK i think. BUT – after the first 6 months its on the customer to prove this (independent refundable report, etc)

  3. I suspect some if it is to prevent abuse – every 10-11 months, there’s a mysterious defect emerging, and so you have the product forever. (Or better yet the company stops being able to provide replacements of the original version so you get an upgrade)

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