The crazy world of watch pricing

It is not easy to justify the purchase of an expensive watch if you have any part of your brain that is reasonable. Passion is an expensive thing at times and is what drives the watch market.

I thought about this because I have been wearing a Seiko SRP775 over the past week and considering how it compares to the Tudor Black Bay GMT that I was wearing last week. The Seiko costs £269 where as the Tudor costs £2,2780 so what makes the latter worth 10 times more?

We can start by looking at the image below which came from theguidewatches.

The fact you can go out and buy a watch today and potentially make a profit of up to 95% tomorrow is crazy. It’s symptomatic of the way the watch industry convinces some of us that there is value in buying something that is difficult to attain, something that Rolex and Patek are pulling the strings on harder than most at this time.

It’s a man thing to be honest, that gene that causes us to want something more if we can’t have it. Phones, watches, women. You name it, we are like that.

And then I come back to the two watches that I am currently swapping between and the more I think about it, the more I lead towards the Seiko. The lume is brighter and lasts much longer. It looks great and is very versatile in terms of which straps it works with and it has a more interesting dial.

The Tudor is much more accurate in a big way, it kind of pops on the wrist and it is of course a Tudor. However, more than ever before I am starting to realise that the majority of the price of a watch is made up of the name on the dial and little else.

This will not change and nor should it, but it is still crazy to me…

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